Article 173 of the French Energy Transition Law

France Current 2015

3 main dispositions:
– Listed companies shall disclose, in the annual report subject to the vote of shareholders: financial risks related to the effects of climate change and measures adopted by the company to reduce those risks, by implementing a low-carbon strategy in every component of their activity. In addition to Article 225 of the Grenelle Act. It specifies that the mandatory annual report issued by large companies should include an aspects on the risks and impacts of the company linked to climate change ; not only concerning its own operations but also concerning its services and products.
– Banks and credit providers shall disclose in their mandatory risk report, on the risks evidenced by the stress-tests that are regularly implemented.
– Institutional investors (investors companies, public institutions, public pension funds) shall include in their annual report, and make available to their beneficiaries, information on how their investment decision-making process takes ESG criteria into consideration, an the means implemented to contribute to the financing of the ecological and energy transition, as well as the climate change risk exposure and their carbon emissions of their portfolio/assets



Industry sectors covered by the instrument

All/none specified

Organizations covered by the instrument

All listed companies for disposition 1;
banks and credit providers for disposition 2;
institutional investors for disposition 3

Issuer type


Type of instrument


Mandatory or voluntary


The geographical scope


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