China Green Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue (2015 Edition)

China Current 2016

This Catalog defines the scope of green projects which belong to one of below category:
1 Energy Saving
1) Industrial Energy Saving
2) Sustainable Building
3) Energy Management Center
4) Urban and Rural Infrastructure Construction with Energy Saving Efficiency
2 Pollution Prevention and Control
1) Pollution Prevention and Control
2) Environmental Restoration Project
3) Clean Utilization of Coal
3 Resource Conservation and Recycling
1) Water Saving and Unconventional Water Use
2) Redevelopment and Integrated Utilization of Tailings and Associated Mine
3) Recycling and Utilization of Industrial Solid Wastes, Exhaust Gas, and Effluent
4) Recycling, Processing and Utilization of Renewable Resource
5) Remanufacturing of Electromechanical Products
6) Recycling and Utilization of Biomass Resource
4 Clean Transportation
1) Railway Transportation
2) Urban Rail Transit
3) Public Urban and Rural Transportation
4) Waterway Transportation
5) Clean Fuel
6) New Energy Automobile
7) Internet Application on Transportation
5 Clean Energy
1) Wind Power Generation
2) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Generation
3) Smart Grid and Energy Internet
4) Distributed Energy Resource
5) Solar Thermal Application
6) Hydropower Generation
7) Other New Energy Application
6 Ecological Protection and Climate Change Adaption
1) Natural Ecological Protection and Protective Development of Tourism Resource
2) Ecological Agriculture, Husbandry and Fishery
3) Forestry Development
4) Emergency Prevention and Control of Disaster



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