Code of Corporate Governance for Public Companies of Nigeria, 2008

Nigeria Current 2008

In 2008 the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reviewed the 2003 Code of Corporate Governance for Public Companies in Nigeria. A key addition to the revised code was the inclusion of sustainability disclosures to be made by companies. While the Code is limited to public companies, companies not covered are encouraged to apply its principles. The SEC is currently doing a second review of the revised code and has issued a draft for public comment.


General sustainability/ESG/non-financial

Industry sectors covered by the instrument

All/none specified

Organizations covered by the instrument

1) Public Companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange;

2) All companies seeking to raise funds from the capital market through securities issuance or listing; and

3) All other public companies.

Issuer type

Financial Regulators

Type of instrument

Code of conduct or guideline

Mandatory or voluntary


The geographical scope


Project Partners