Energy Efficiency Law, 2007

Turkey Current 2007

The aim of this Act is to ensure and increase the efficient use of energy and energy resources in Turkey. The Act establishes an Energy Coordination Board. The Board is consisted of sixteen members from different ministries. The duty of the Board is to deliver policies and projects to enhance energy efficency. The policies of the board are implemented by the Directorate General of Sustainable Energy. The Act also covers provisions on education and awareness raising on energy efficiency, government support for energy efficiency projects, and administrative sanctions. Energy efficiency measures in industry are based on the 2007 Energy Efficiency Law and its two related by-laws. Companies with plants greater than specified capacities are obliged to report on their energy management activities to the authorities. Industrial plants consuming more than one ktoe per year and power plants with at least 100 MW of installed capacity must also report on energy consumption to the Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration EIE. Cement companies are also covered by this law.



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