Environmental Information Disclosure Act, 2008.

China Current 2008

This Act was issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration of China. Corporations should disclose environmental information according to regulatory requirements. Environmental agencies are also encouraged to establish an environmental information disclosure system. Public disclosure of government environmental information should include, among other things, a list of corporations that breach national or local environmental pollution norms or have had serious environmental pollution incidents or that refuse to comply with the regulations. Corporations are encouraged to voluntarily disclose the following: environmental protection guidelines, annual targets and results, annual resource utilization, environmental investment and description of environmental technologies, pollution levels, density, types, and disposal method, environmental protection construction and operating status, waste generation, voluntary environmental agreements with the agencies, and implementation status of corporate social responsibility. Environmental agencies will in turn give compliant companies incentives such as public commendation, priority for specific environmental grants (according to regulations), and for cleaner production demonstration projects or other grants for demonstration pilots/projects (according to regulations) www.sepa.gov.cn



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