EU Accounts Modernisation Directive, 2003

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Directive 2003/51 (the ‘Modernisation Directive’) amended the Accounting Directives and added that European companies are required to also include non-financial information in their annual and consolidated reports, if it is necessary for an understanding of a company’s development, performance or position. Such reporting should include environmental and employee matters and key performance indicators, where appropriate (consistent with Commission Recommendation 2001/43/EC). Member States may choose to exempt small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) from these non-financial reporting obligations. Another amendment of the Accounting Directives (Directive 2006/46) introduced an obligation for listed companies to include a corporate governance statement in their annual report. By 2010 all Member States transposed the Accounts Modernisation Directive and most of the Member States transposed Directive 2006/46 in national laws.


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