Federal Law No. (23) for Protection of the Marine Environment, 1999

United Arab Emirates Current 1999

Federal Law No. (23) Governs the exploitation, protection and development of marine biological resources. It covers fishing, protection of restricted areas, processing and marketing of fish, the extension of grants and loans to fishermen and the export, re-export and transit of fish products. The law sets forth procedures for registration of vessels (expressly limiting their number) and of fishermen and for licensing of their activities. Catch limits are to be set by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. There is provision to regulate minimum animal sizes caught, introduce close seasons and restriction of fishing activity in certain areas. Fishing methods are also considered, with bans on the use of certain equipment or particular methods. The construction of artificial reefs requires Ministry approval as well as that of the concerned authority in the specific emirate. Fish farms require permission permits to operate.



Industry sectors covered by the instrument

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Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

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