Government Decision no. 780/2006 for GHG emissions trading, 2006

Romania Current 2007

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions trading are dealt with under Romanian law by Government Decision / GD No. 780/2006, amended by GD No. 204/2013, which transposes in Romanian legislation the Directive No. 2003/87/EC establishing a scheme for GHG emission allowance trading within the European Community (the “EU-ETS Directive”). Companies falling under EU-ETS Directive are required to annually publish GHG emission reports. Obligations under GD No. 780/2006 include the need for operators of installations to monitor GHG emissions for their installations as per the provisions of the plan of measures for monitoring and preparing monitoring reports on the GHG emissions. The plan of measures must be approved by the environmental protection agency.



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All organizations except SMEs - companies under EU-ETS requirements

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