Guidelines for Social Responsibility in Outbound Mining Investments

China Current 2014

The Guildelines lay out of a series of principles for companies conducting activities relating to mining internationally. These principles largely span corporate social responsibility, namely : human rights, labour rights, environment, stakeholders’ implication, responsible value chains, transparency. Companies should report on their material impacts and disclose their ethical, social, and environmental performance to their stakeholders in ways that are appropriate and meaningful to their needs. The identified “Good pratice” in this respect is to develop annual GRI reports (using sector supplement). Further, the guidelines provide detail guidance on appropriate organizational governance , fair operational practices, and value chain management, and as related to the aforementioned principles.


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Companies in the mining sector. More precisely "all mineral exploration, extraction, processing and investment cooperation projects, including related activities such as mining-related infrastructure development in foreign countries, in which Chinese companies have invested". The CCMC has more than 5,700 member companies.

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