Guidelines on Insurance Industry Social Responsibility

China Current 2015

The “opinion” points to establish the concept of social responsibility:
1 Serving the overall situation of economic and social development;
2 Enhance the management performance, to achieve economic and social benefits and win-win;
3 Promote innovation integration and development, the construction of open sharing harmonious society;
4 Adhere to the thinking of the development of green, environmental protection of ecological civilization construction, including developing green insuance product;
5 Planning of social responsibility, and improve the system of social responsibility work; to strengthen the industry and outside cooperation; complie annual CSR report in accordance with relevant guidance and publish by April 30 of next year
6 Improve effectiveness of social responsibility management.
Specific measures:
1 Improve enterprise management;
2 Reduce operating costs, improve input and output levels;
3 Continue to create value for shareholders, customers and society,
4 Enhance the competitiveness of the insurance industry in the financial market. Integrate social responsibility indicators into R&D to provide products and services with social benefits.


General sustainability/ESG/non-financial

Industry sectors covered by the instrument

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All organizations - insurance companies, insurance asset management companies, insurance agnecies, insurance industry association, The Insurance Institute of China, China Insurance Security Fund Co., Ltd, China Insurance Information Technic Management Co., Ltd

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Financial Regulators

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