Guidelines on Social Responsibility for Industrial Corporations and Federations, 2011.

China Current 2011

The guidelines were issued by 11 national industrial federations and associations engaged in iron, steel, oil, chemicals, light industry, textiles, building materials, non-ferrous metals, electric power and mining. According to the guidelines, all industrial companies and industrial federations of China are encouraged to establish a CSR system in four sectors: management, regulations, information and supervision, in order to run business in a methodical and regulated way. The guidelines state that the content of a CSR report should cover eight aspects: public statement, scientific development, environmental protection, energy conservation, production safety, interests of employees, interests of stakeholders and social commonwealth. The guidelines recommend more than 80 key indicators related to economic performance, employment of employees, labor contract, production safety, social insurance, energy consumption and emission, environmental protection, company credit, etc. These indicators are encouraged to be disclosed in the CSR report.


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