National Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Action Plan) of German Federal Government, 2010

Germany Current 2010

The German government adopted its first National Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility or ‘Action Plan for CSR’ in October 2010. Besides the objective of generally increasing visibility and credibility of CSR, the aim of the Action Plan is to anchor CSR more firmly in enterprises and public bodies and engage more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in CSR. The strategy also foresees individual federal ministries, in their role as models and leaders in the area of social responsibility, to issue CSR reports that are in line with international reporting frameworks and principles such as those of the GRI and UNGC. The Action Plan for CSR is based on recommendations issued by the National CSR Forum which advises and assists the German government on its policy to foster CSR. The Forum includes 44 experts from business, unions, non-governmental organizations and the research community.


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