Official Mexican Standard NOM-002-SEMARNAT-1998 on Wastewater Quality, 1998

South America Current 1998

This Official Standard (NOM-002-SEMARNAT-1998) estabishes standards to control the quality of treated wastewater for re-use. Public agencies responsible for the treatment of residual waters that use them in public services have the obligation to sample and analyse the treated wastewater and to conserve, for at least three years, registries of the results of the sampling and analysis. For wastewater discharged into municipal or urban sewer systems, the Standard establishes the maximum allowable pollutant levels.  Companies also need to apply its standards related to the use and treatment of wastewater in their operations. The earlier Official Mexican Standard NOM-001-SEMARNAT-1996 establishes the maximum allowable pollutant levels of wastewater that can be discharged into national lands and waters. 



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