Philippine Corporate Governance Blueprint, 2015

Philippines Current 2015

The corporate governance blueprint is the Philippine Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)’s corporate governance roadmap up to 2020. It is an articulation of global corporate governance principles, a framework for further strengthening the corporate governance regime in the Philippines. It puts forwards specific and concrete guidelines for all Philippine corporations to adopt, taking into account the Philippine context and recommended global as well as ASEAN best practices found in the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard. On disclosure it among others compares the GRI and IIRC standards, and states that “as the awareness for sustainability and integrated reporting increases, this merits consideration of the adoption of the same for Philippine companies”. It foresees further examination by the regulators (SEC, PSE) on the inclusion of sustainability or integrated reporting in the PSE Listing Requirements or Disclosure Rules on the basis of a “comply or explain” approach.


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