Planes PIMA, 2014

Spain Current 2014

Overseen by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA), the PIMA or “Plans to Promote the Environment” represent a tool for promoting a set of concrete measures that contribute to improving environmental conditions. Different PIMAS also carry a positive effect on economic development and employment promotion. Although the Pimas are presented as specific initiatives they are part of broader strategies and planning, pursuing the achievement of national goals. Some PIMAS already have several editions. The different PIMAS include PIMA Company, PIMA Transport, PIMA Land, PIMA Air and PIMA Sun. As an example, the Plan to promote environmentally friendly behaviour in the tourism sector (PIMA SOL) is intended to reduce GHG emissions of the Spanish tourism sector. It promotes the reduction of direct GHG emissions in hotel facilities through energy efficiency improvements. The beneficiaries of the Plan are hotels, which will implement measures leading to increased energy efficiency of their facilities in Spain. The energy efficiency projects reported on by hotels, after meeting specific criteria, generate carbon credits (equal to the reduction of 1 tonne of CO2) that the government is obligated to buy at a fixed price of EUR 7 per credit.



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Agriculture, Food and Environment Ministry

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National Plan

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