Silver Book: Achieving Value Through Social Responsibility, 2006

Malaysia Current 2006

The Silver Book was designed to clarify the social obligations of over 30 government-linked companies (GLCs i.e. state-owned enterprises) to enhance their performance. The Silver Book is one of the ten initiatives in the Malaysian Government GLC Transformation Program, which seeks to increase shareholder value via improved financial and operational results. The Silver Book includes a set of detailed guidelines to assist GLCs in their effort to implement the initiatives derived from the Policy Guidelines. All GLCs are encouraged to adopt and adhere these guidelines. To communicate the initiatives undertaken to enhance societal well-being, GLCs should disclose information on their contribution through comprehensive reporting that incorporates customized messages for each key stakeholder group. The Silver Book provides a strategic framework for GLCs and identifies six building blocks for the development of social responsibility programmes. One of the six building blocks is the communication of contributions to society to all stakeholders.


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