State Owned Enterprise Minister Regulation No. PER-09/MBU/07/2015

Indonesia Current 2015

This regulation is about the Partnership Programs and Community Development Programs of state-owned enterprises for small businesses and cooperatives. This regulation supersedes the previous regulations of State Owned Enterprise Minister PER-07/MBU/05/2015; PER-08/MBU/2013 and PER-05/MBU/2007.

Article 5 states that each state-owned enterprise has the obligation to periodically report the implementation of Partnership Program and Community Development to the Minister. Article 17 states that as part of its Quarterly and Annual Report, state-owned enterprise should include a dedicated chapter regarding the partnership and community programs and its financial statement. The program report shall be audited together with the enterprise’s Annual Report.



Industry sectors covered by the instrument

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State owned entities

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State owned enterprise

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