Sustainable Development Industry Reporting (SDIR), 2010

Qatar Current 2010

The Sustainable Development Industry Reporting (SDIR) is a programme launched by the Ministry of Energy & Industry to drive sustainable behaviour within industry, linked with a national Vision 2030 plan. The custodian of the programme is the Regulations and Enforcement Directorate (DG), overseeing a sector-wide initiative led by the Minister of Energy and Industry. Collecting data from over 35 companies, its aggregated sectoral reporting is based on the SDIR framework which references the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, GRI Oil & Gas Sector Supplement as well as the oil & gas sector specific reporting guidelines of IPIECA.


General sustainability/ESG/non-financial

Industry sectors covered by the instrument

Specific sector/s

Organizations covered by the instrument

Primarily oil & gas companies, but also covers manufacturing and industrial companies

Issuer type


Type of instrument

Governmental industry programme

Mandatory or voluntary


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