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Corporate Governance Code for Mexico



The document was prepared jointly by the Mexican Stock Exchange, the Mexican Bankers' Association, the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives and the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants, as well as representatives from the industrial, retail and service sectors. It was then submitted to the National Banking and Securities Commission so that the securities authorities could issue the necessary regulatory provisions on disclosure of information regarding conformity to the practices suggested therein. The recommendations contained in the Code do not in any way conflict with current legislation; in fact, they complement many of the applicable legal provisions. They can be applied to any Mexican company, whether listed on the stock exchange or not. Compliance is voluntary, but publicly-traded firms must report to the Bolsa on the degree to which their practices conform to the Code. If they do not follow the Code, they must establish an alternative mechanism for this purpose.






North America

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Mexico Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores) (Stock Exchange)

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Disclosure instrument


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