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Trabajo y promoción del empleo dictan disposiciones relativas a la obligación de los empleadores y centros médicos asistenciales de reportar al ministerio los accidentes de trabajo, incidentes peligrosos y enfermedades ocupacionales. Decreto Supremo Nº 012-2010-TR

Labor and employment promotion dictate provisions relating to the obligation of employers and medical care centers to report to the ministry work accidents, dangerous incidents and occupational diseases. Supreme Decree No. 012-2010-TR



The purpose of this regulation is to encourage employers from all sectors and medical care centers (public, private, military, police or social security) to report to the Ministry of Labor and Employment occupational accidents, dangerous incidents and occupational diseases at work. Within the deadlines and terms established in the Article No. 2 of this regulation, they shall notify through an electronic form available in the system (Information System of Accidents at work, Dangerous incidents and occupational Diseases). This information must be in line with the Supreme Decree No. 009-2005-TR, Article No. 75 and 77 of Regulation of Health and Safety.

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South America

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Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (Ministerio del Trabajo y Promoción del Empleo) (Government)

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Disclosure instrument


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