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Decreto Supremo N° 040-2014-EM .- Reglamento de Protección y Gestión Ambiental para las Actividades de Explotación, Beneficio, Labor General, Transporte y Almacenamiento Minero

Supreme Decree No. 040-2014-EM.- Environmental Protection and Management Regulations for Mining Exploitation, Beneficiation, General Labor, Transport and Storage Activities



The Environmental Protection Regulation for the Exploitation, Benefit, Transport and Storage of Mining Activities is intended to ensure that mining activities safeguard the constitutional right to enjoy a balanced environment, that supports development. Organizations involved in mining activities will disclose a sustainability report, which contains a record of all the physical, biological, chemical, socioeconomic and landscape components of their project activities, identifying sources of pollution that might have an impact in the areas of influence of the mining project. This report shall be submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Mining and the OEFA in physical and digital format and will be available for public use in the web pages of those organizations.

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South America

Issuer (type)

Ministry of Energy and Mines (Ministerio de Energía y Minas) (Government)

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Disclosure instrument


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    • E focus: conservation, emissions, energy, environment, environmental certification, environmental management, environmental policy, forests, hazardous products, hazardous substances, pollution, restoration, soil, solid waste, waste, water, water quality, wetlands, biodiversity
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