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Revised Procedural Manual for DENR Administrative Order No.30 Series of 2003



This revised version of the manual has three (3) major features: 1) Integration of new EMB policies on application, review, decision-making and public participation, including explicit instructions on how to consider EIA within the project planning cycle as well as how to situate the EIA process in relation to issues and concerns outside the mandate of the DENR- EMB; 2) Standardization and shortening of procedures from EIA Scoping to EIA Review, and flowcharting of the EIA application procedures across EIA Report types, project groupings and across EMB offices (CO or RO) for more efficient EIA processes and easy tracking of status of applications; 3) Condensation and revised formatting of EIA Reports and Decision Documents, and inclusion of more matrices, checklists, outlines, pro-forma documents and specific guidelines to focus EIA Study Terms of Reference, EIA Reports, Review and Evaluation, Decision Making, and Monitoring, Validation and Evaluation/Audit to the essentials.







Issuer (type)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Government)

Instrument type


Disclosure instrument


Geographical scope


Mandatory or voluntary


Text analysis

    • Moderate 0.87%
    • Low 0.02%
    • E focus: conservation, degradation, emissions, energy, environment, environmental management, environmental policy, fisheries, forests, fresh water, greenhouse gas, hazardous substance, hazardous waste, land use, oil spill, pollution, recycling, renewable energy, resource use, restoration, soil, solid waste, waste, water, water management, water quality, water use, biodiversity
    • S focus: basic services, compensation, diversity, children
    • G focus: audit, bribery, risk management, accountability
    • Administrative services, Agriculture, Construction, Finance, Management, Manufacturing, Mining, Professional services, Transportation