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Real Decreto 105/2010, de 5 de febrero, por el que se modifican determinados aspectos de la regulación de los almacenamientos de productos químicos y se aprueba la instrucción técnica complementaria MIE APQ-9 "almacenamiento de peróxidos orgánicos"

Royal Decree 105/2010, of February 5, which modifies certain aspects of the regulation of the storage of chemical products and approves the complementary technical instruction MIE APQ-9 "storage of organic peroxides"



Companies storing explosives, such as ammonium nitrate, above certain thresholds are required to comply with updated requirements, effective Nov. 25, 2015. The main changes are stricter inspection requirements and the obligation to provide certain information to the public, such as information on how the concerned population will be warned and how they should behave in the event of a major accident. In addition, operators of the existing facilities must submit an updated notification; a written policy document for the prevention of major accidents (politica de prevencion de accidentes graves); and a safety report (informe de seguridad) for upper-tier facilities to the Government (Delegacion del Gobierno) in the autonomous community where the facility is located.

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