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NBU Sustainable Finance Development Policy



Policy mission is to form a holistic vision of the key principles of sustainable finance development in Ukraine and the actions of the NBU necessary to implement these principles and to ensure that both banks and nonbank financial institutions consistently adapt to changes that will promote financial stability. Policy goals include: 1) to facilitate sustainable economic development of Ukraine 2) to promote environmental consciousness and social responsibility in Ukraine’s financial sector 3) to ensure that financial institutions regulated by the NBU comply with environmental objectives, the principles of sustainable economic activity, and the principle of prioritizing energy efficiency, which are identified by the European Green Pact 4) to help the development of a closed-loop economy in Ukraine as a decisive factor in achieving a climate-neutral, resource-efficient, and competitive economy.







Issuer (type)

National Bank of Ukraine (Central Bank)

Instrument type


Disclosure instrument


Geographical scope


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Text analysis

    • Moderate 0.60%
    • Low 0.00%
    • E focus: climate change, emissions, energy, energy use, environment, environmental management, environmental policy, greenhouse gas, land use, pollution, recycling, renewable energy, renewables, resource efficiency, restoration, soil, sustainable finance, waste, water, water quality, water use, biodiversity
    • S focus: human capital, human rights, diversity
    • G focus: business ethics, corruption, internal control, risk management, bribery
    • Administrative services, Agriculture, Construction, Finance, Management, Manufacturing, Mining