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Decret n° 2012-1123 du 30 Novembre 2012 Fixant les Modalites d'Application de l'Ordonnance N° 2012-487 du 07 Juin 2012 Portant Code des Investissements

Decree No. 2012-1123 of November 30, 2012 Setting the Terms of Application of Ordinance No. 2012-487 of June 07, 2012 on the Investment Code



This decree sets out the guidelines for the implementation of the Investment Code, which was passed in 2012. The decree establishes procedures and requirements for foreign investors seeking to invest in Ivory Coast. It provides for the creation of a one-stop-shop for investment, which is responsible for facilitating the registration of new businesses and providing investors with the necessary permits and licenses. The decree also outlines the incentives available to investors, including tax exemptions, customs duty exemptions, and reduced rates on land leasehold. It further specifies the conditions for receiving these incentives, such as investing in priority sectors or making investments that create jobs. Furthermore, the decree establishes the Investment Promotion Council, which is responsible for promoting investment in Ivory Coast and coordinating investment-related activities between various government agencies and private sector entities. The decree does not explicitly require companies to disclose or report on their social or environmental impact. However, the Investment Code, which the decree sets out the guidelines for, does include provisions on corporate social responsibility (CSR). It encourages investors to adopt responsible business practices, such as protecting the environment, respecting human rights, and promoting sustainable development.


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