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Final Report of the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance. Mobilizing Finance for Sustainable Growth



This Final Report of the Expert Panel - Mobilizing Finance for Sustainable Growth - presents a package of recommendations aimed at aligning mainstream financial activities with the transition to a competitive low-emissions, climate-smart economy. The recommendations derive from extensive cross-country consultations and international discussions undertaken over the last year. Together, they reflect a widely held view that accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy in Canada will require a fundamental restructuring of multiple market, economic and institutional systems. Though the recommendations center on finance, in some cases it is necessary to address the underlying behaviours and practices for financing to be attracted to the right places, and achieve its targeted impact






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Environment and Climate Change Canada (Government)

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Disclosure instrument


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    • E focus: carbon intensity, climate change, climate risk, emissions, energy, energy use, environment, environmental policy, ghg emissions, ghg reduction, green building, greenhouse gas, pollution, renewable energy, renewables, resource efficiency, soil, sustainable finance, sustainable products, waste, water, water quality, conservation
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