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Zákon č. 76/2002 Sb.

Act No 76 Coll. The Act on integrated prevention



The purpose of this Act is, in accordance with the legislation of the European Communities, to achieve a high level of protection of the environment as a whole, to provide for integrated implementation of the public administration in permitting the operation of installations and to create and operate an integrated pollution register. The Act: a) lays down the obligations of operators of installations, b) establishes the procedure for granting an integrated permit, c) establishes the integrated pollution register, and lays down the manner of collecting information on emissions and transfers of substances registered in this register and the provision of data therefrom, d) provides for conditions for interconnection of existing information systems in the area of environmental protection with the integrated pollution register, e) sets competences of public administration bodies pursuant to this Act, f) establishes the system for exchange of information on the best available techniques, g) lays down sanctions for breach of obligations laid down by this Act. The main part of the Act (Part One) is divided into 7 Chapters: Introductory Provisions (I); Integrated Decision-Making (II); Integrated Pollution Register (III); Systems for Exchange of Information on the Best available techniques (IV); Execution of the Public Administration (V); Fines (VI); Transitory, Concluding and Enabling Provisions Transitory Provisions (VII).


Czech Republic





Issuer (type)

Parliament of the Czech Republic (Parlament České republiky) (Government)

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Disclosure instrument


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Mandatory or voluntary


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    • E focus: energy, environment, forests, hazardous substances, hazardous waste, land use, pollution, recycling, soil, waste, water, emissions
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