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Resolución 1139/2008 - Programas de Reconversión Industrial

Resolution 1139/2008 - Industrial Reconversion Programs



This resolution is a program created by the Argentine government to promote the modernization and reconversion of industrial sectors facing economic difficulties. The program aims to support companies in their efforts to improve their competitiveness, reduce production costs, and increase their level of innovation. To be eligible for the program, companies must submit a proposal that outlines their plans for modernization and reconversion. The proposal should detail the investments required, the expected outcomes, and the impact on employment levels. The government will evaluate the proposal based on its potential to create jobs, increase exports, and generate value-added activities. Companies that are approved for the program can receive financial assistance in the form of non-reimbursable contributions or low-interest loans. The financial support can be used to cover a range of expenses, including the purchase of machinery and equipment, the development of new products, and the training of employees. In addition to the financial assistance, companies that participate in the program will receive technical support and guidance from the government to ensure the success of their modernization and reconversion efforts. The government will also monitor the progress of the program and evaluate its impact on the industrial sector.






South America

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