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Resolución 13/2012 - Procedimientos para la medicion y registro de emisiones a la atmosfera

Resolution 13/2012 - Procedures for the measurement and registration of emissions to the atmosphere



This regulation establishes procedures for measuring and recording atmospheric emissions from industrial sources. It aims to control and reduce air pollution by requiring companies to monitor and report their emissions in a standardized and transparent manner. Under the regulation, companies are required to measure their emissions using approved methods and equipment. The measurements must be recorded in a transparent manner and reported to the relevant authorities on a regular basis. The regulation also sets limits on the amount of emissions allowed, based on the type of industry and the pollutants being emitted. The regulation requires companies to develop and implement an environmental management plan to reduce their emissions over time. The plan should include specific measures to reduce emissions, such as the use of cleaner production processes or the installation of pollution control equipment. The authorities responsible for enforcing the regulation have the power to conduct inspections and audits to ensure compliance. Companies found to be in violation of the regulation may face fines or other penalties.






South America

Issuer (type)

Argentina National Electricity Regulator Authority (Ente nacional regulador de la electricidad) (Government)

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Disclosure instrument


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    • E focus: energy, emissions
    • Management, Mining, Wholesale trade