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Corporate Governance Code, 2020



The Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV) Corporate Governance Code 2020 of Argentina is a set of guidelines and best practices designed to promote transparent, efficient, and ethical corporate governance among publicly traded companies in Argentina. The code is intended to provide a framework for companies to improve their management practices, increase accountability and responsibility, and enhance shareholder protection. The code covers a wide range of topics, including board structure and composition, risk management, transparency and disclosure, internal controls, and shareholder rights. It requires companies to establish clear policies and procedures for decision-making, establish independent audit committees, and establish mechanisms for shareholder participation in key decisions. The code also encourages companies to adopt environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, including sustainability reporting and engagement with stakeholders. Companies are also encouraged to promote diversity and inclusion on their boards and in their workforce.






South America

Issuer (type)

National Securities Commission (Comisión Nacional de Valores (CVC)) (Financial Regulator)

Instrument type


Disclosure instrument


Geographical scope


Mandatory or voluntary


Text analysis

    • High 1%
    • Very High 1.06%
    • E focus: environment
    • S focus: gender equality, diversity
    • G focus: gender equality, lobbying, audit
    • Administrative services, Education, Finance, Management, Professional services