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Danish National Action Plan: implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Denmark Current 2014

The Plan is focused on preventing and mitigating adverse impacts on human rights by Danish companies at home and abroad, seeking to be a global front runner.

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Danish government: Minister for Business and Growth & Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation

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Assist private and public businesses in turning the respect for Human Rights into reality wherever they operate. Aims to strengthen the existing legal reporting requirement for the largest Danish companies and all state-owned companies. If a company on has a policy on human rights or climate issues, it must report according to the existing structure. If the company doesn’t have policies for human rights or climate issues, this must also be disclosed. The purpose is to further strengthen Danish companies’ activities in relation to human rights and climate change which will be beneficial to society overall, but also the individual company. Mention of ILO, OECD and UN global compact.

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Annual Report

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Human Rights

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Accountability, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Competitive Behaviour







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