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Decision No.(32\R) of 2007 concerning on corporate governance code for Joint-Stock companies and Institutional Discipline criteria

United Arab Emirates Current 2007

The Code applies to all the joint-stock Companies established in the UAE, the companies listed in the Market and the Board of Directors of such companies. It requires companies to issue a Governance Report, which is described as an annual report of Corporate Governance practices signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and submitted to the Authority on annual basis (Article 14). A Governance Report Form is included in the document to guide disclosure. It provides for reporting on compliance with the governance principles, as well as other matters such as composition of the Board, executive remuneration and activities of the Audit Committee.

Issuer name

Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA)

Organizations covered by the instrument

Large private and listed companies

Target organization notes

all the joint-stock Companies established in the UAE,

Industry scope

All/none specified

Disclosure venue

annual report

ESG coverage- G (Governance)





United Arab Emirates


Africa & Middle East

Date of publication


Issuer type

Financial Market Regulators

Reporting requirements

Other e.g. action plan, strategy, programme, voluntary initiative

Mandatory or voluntary


The geographical scope


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