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EU Directive Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) 2008/1/EC

EU Current 2008

Member States are required to lay down permit conditions for operators to control, monitor and report emissions from IPPC installations.

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Replacing the council directive 96/61/EC. the objective of the approach is to prevent emissions into air, water or soil wherever this is practicable, taking into account waste management, and, where it is not, to minimise them in order to achieve a high level of protection for the environment as a whole.

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Member States should take the necessary steps in order to ensure that the operator of the industrial activities comply to this Directive.

Industry scope notes

Energy industry, production and Processing of metals, Mineral industry, Chemical Industry, Waste management, Paper & Cardboard, textile pre-treatment, Food processing(with animal carcases),

ESG coverage - E (Environment)

Waste & Hazardous Substances, Pollution







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