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Executive Bylaws Corporate Governance

Kuwait Current 2015

Capital Markets Authority (CMA) of Kuwait has issued a guidance book on Corporate Governance. Some of the topics required within its requirements touch on sustainability broadly, such as protection of stakeholder rights, value creation of a sustainable culture, CSR matters, and encourages integrated reporting.

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Capital Markets Authority

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Details on these maters: (1) Protection of Stakeholders Rights: Companies must develop policies which list the basic rights of their stakeholders. (2) Value creation: The Board of Directors must create a sustainable culture within the company; which encourages its stakeholders to work in a manner that makes these companies financially sustainable. The regulation recommends Integrated Reporting Systems to report on company activities in various areas such as Strategy, Business Model, Risk, Future Outlook, Materiality and Accuracy of Reporting. (3) Focus on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility: through sharing company progress with society.

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Large private and listed companies

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Companies listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, Companies licensed to trade in Financial Securities

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All/none specified

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Financial Market Regulators

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