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Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS)

Canada Current 2010

The (FSDS) fulfils the requirements of the Federal Sustainable Development Act (the Act), passed by Parliament in 2008, by rendering environmental decision-making more transparent and accountable to Parliament.

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Sustainable Development Office Environment Canada

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The FSDS establishes a framework for sustainable development planning and reporting with three key elements: 1) An integrated, whole-of-government picture of actions and results to achieve environmental sustainability; 2) A link between sustainable development planning and reporting and the Government’s core expenditure planning and reporting system; and, 3) Effective measurement, monitoring and reporting in order to track and report on progress to Canadians.

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ESG coverage - E (Environment)

Climate & GHG emissions, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services, Pollution, Environmental Compliance & Risk, Water






North America

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