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GHG Program (GEI), 2004.

Mexico Current 2004

This is the national voluntary accounting and reporting program for greenhouse gas. Its objective is to develop the capacity in a company to prepare inventories of GEI, such as quantifying and documenting projects on emission reduction.

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Environment and National Resources Secretariat of the Federal Government (SEMARNAT)

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This program is operated by the Environment and National Resources Secretariat of the Federal Government (SEMARNAT) together with the World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. During 2012, 115 companies presented their inventories from the 175 companies registered, accounting up to 120 million CO2e tons. As a reference for Latin America, Mexico, through the SEMARNAT, decided to follow the trend of European countries and, together with WRI and WBCSD, started this high impact program on climate change issues.

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