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Green Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue

China Current 2015

Green bonds program, enhance and increase the green finance in China. After PBoC established the Green Bond program in 2015, NDRC released this guideline in the next year to encourage the devlopment of green bond market in China. NDRC’s guidelines are less comprehensive than PBoC’s guidelines: they do not offer criteria for management of proceeds or reporting. (Thus it is not included in thuis database

Issuer name

Green Finance Committee (GFC), established by People's Bank of China (PBOC)

Issuer notes

PBOC is the central bank of China. PBoC It is the regulator overseeing the interbank bond market, which accounts for 93% of outstanding bonds in China, and also directly regulates issuance from financial institutions

More information

China has created Green Financial Bonds Program, it is purposed to raise funds to support the green industry and to repay capital with interests by contract. It is mean to effectively enhance the financing availability for green projects, especially those with medium and long term, lower financing cost, and provide investors with a new channel to engage in green investment.

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Applied to all financial institution juridical person

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