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Guidelines on Insurance Industry Social Responsibility

China Expired 2015

It is a short document, stating the main changes the Insurance Industry is expected to adhere to in order to be considered Socially Responsible. It seeks to discursively activate change of behavior within the sector, it also seeks to improve the quality of social responsibility and CSR reporting.

Issuer name

China Insurance Regulatory Commission

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Sets out 6 objectives: 1.establish the concept of social responsibility, to serve the overall economic and social development 2. enhance the performance of management and achieve win-win economic and social benefits 3. promote innovation and integration development, build an open and harmonious society 4. adhere to the green development thinking, protect the environment and building an ecological civilization 5. development of social responsibility planning, improve the social responsibility system 6. strengthen the industry inside and outside the collaboration, improve the social responsibility management effectiveness

Reporting resources


Organizations covered by the instrument

All Companies

Target organization notes

Applied to all insurance companies, insurance asset management companies, insurance agnecies, insurance industry association, The Insurance Institute of China, China Insurance Security Fund Co., Ltd, China Insurance Information Technic Management Co., Ltd

Industry scope

Financial Services

Industry scope notes

Insurance industry

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Sustainability report






Asia Pacific

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Issuer type

Financial Market Regulators

Reporting requirements

Guidelines and standards for non-financial reporting

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