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Legislative Decree no. 150/2009

Italy Current 2009

Article 11(2) provides for the adoption of a three-year program for transparency and integrity by every public organization, following the guidelines issued by CIVIT; the national Commission for evaluation, transparency and integrity of public administrations.

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Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation, together with the Ministry of Economy and Financial Affairs

Government ministry


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The transparency program requires organizations to publish on its website a special section of easy access and consultation, and called: "Transparency, evaluation and merit". It needs to include: a) the three-year program for the transparency and integrity and its implementation status; b) the Plan and the Report referred to in Article 10; c) the total amount of premiums related to the performance allocated and the amount actually distributed the prizes; d) the analysis of the data on the degree of differentiation in the use of rewarding both for managers and their employees; e) the names and curricula vitae of the members of the independent assessment bodies and the Head of the performance measurement functions referred to in Article 14; f) the curricula of managers and owners of organizational positions, drafted in compliance with the current European model; g) the remuneration of managers, with specific emphasis on the variable components of remuneration and components related to the assessment of achievement; h) the curricula and the salaries of those who hold positions of political administration; i) the assignments, paid and unpaid, granted to civil servants and private entities.

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Public organizations / agencies

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All/none specified

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