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Ministerial Order no. 84/2015, March, 20 Promotion of gender equality in the labour market

Portugal Current 2015

This Ministerial Order creates and regulates the promotion of Gender Equality in the Labor Market, by granting incentives to the employer to hire unemployed persons of underrepresented sex in a particular profession. Lacks clear reporting angle- not to include in policies with transparency measures.

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Minister of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security

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This measure aims to: Promote gender equality in the labour market; Combating discrimination in the labour market based on gender; To encourage the hiring of the unemployed under-represented gender (a representation of less than 33.3 %) in a particular profession; Encourage young unemployed people to choose a profession or function according to their preferences and without constraints motivated by gender stereotypes. Between March 2015 and August 2016, the it was applied to the hiring of 5,396 unemployed with gender under-representation at the profession at stake. Women represented 32% of the jobs filled (1,738), and men 68% (3,658). The financial support granted was around Euro 6.6 million, of which 91% (about 6 million) to support the signing of permanent contracts of employment.

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