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National Action Plan Implementation of the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights

Germany Current 2016

The Action Plan is intended to launch a process of creating a road map for the practical implementation of the Guiding Principles. It includes procedures for investigating human rights violations, measures and a mechanism to inspect adherence to human rights standards, transparent reporting and a complaints procedure.

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Federal Foreign Office (AA)

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Foreign Ministry

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The action plan was drawn up in a close consultation process, with representatives from the worlds of politics and business, as well as from trade unions, civil society, associations and academia. Additionally, the plan defines the conditions by which companies can make use of the instruments of foreign trade and investment promotion. This means that such promotion is tied to compliance with human rights standards. And, it establishes a wide-ranging monitoring procedure. They are also experimenting a due diligence process for state-owned companies and big companies within the NAP. Mandatory due diligence applies to state-owned companies, and is voluntary for private companies with 5,000+ employees. Penalties for failure to comply with due diligence aspect are as follows: if 50% of private companies covered have not implemented voluntarily human rights due diligence processes planned in the NAP by 2020, the government will consider a binding regulations,

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