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National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights 2019-2022

Colombia Forthcoming 2019

Aiming to promote a balance between business activity and the full guarantee of human rights, the second National Plan of Action in Business and Human Rights 2019-2022 seeks to strengthen the protection and respect for the rights of human beings, as well as access to effective reparation mechanisms within the framework of commercial activities for people in Colombia through 3 Pillars: the State duty to protect, the business responsability to respect and the need of remedy mechanisms. The National Plan of Action in Companies and Human Rights is a policy that aims to strengthen state measures to protect against human rights violations, contribute to the consolidation of responsible business behaviors as a norm of conduct in Colombian economic development, and strengthen the administration of justice as an indispensable public good that allows, through the guarantee of access to justice, to materialize the rights of people, ensure compliance with the law and prevent their transgressi

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Presidential Advisory Office for Human Rights

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Presidential Conucellor on Human Rights

More information It is important to reinforce the application of international standards for reporting and accountability on the identification, management and performance of companies regarding human rights and the risks and impacts they generate. Through different actions, the Plan soughts to promote that companies officially report the actions they take to face the possible risks of affecting human rights. It is also intended that companies can share good practices of responsible business conduct, which can be replicated by other companies within the framework of their operations.

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