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Public Consultation 85 New regulation on risk management and social, environmental and climate responsibility

Brazil Forthcoming 2021

The Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) opened a public consultation to improve rules related to the management of social risk, environmental risk, and climate-related risk by institutions of the National Financial System, as well as requirements to be observed by such institutions in the establishment of their Social, Environmental and Climate Responsibility Policy (PRSAC, in Portuguese). The proposal is one of the deliverables agreed under the “Sustainability” pillar of the BCB’s institutional agenda, referred to as “Agenda BC#”1.

Issuer name

Banco Central Do Brasil (BCB)

More information

"Enhancing disclosure of information to external public. The new framework mandatorily establishes the disclosure of the PRSAC, of actions implemented to ensure PRSAC’s effectiveness, and of the criteria for evaluating such actions. The disclosure of evaluation of actions is optional."

Organizations covered by the instrument

Large private and listed companies

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All/none specified






South America

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Financial Market Regulators

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