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Resolução BCB n° 139 de 15/9/2021

Brazil Forthcoming 2021

Brazil ́s planned Resolution 139 BCB mainly covers the reporting on social, environmental and climate risks and will come into force in 2022. Comprehensive content description is provided by the related Normative Order 139, which describes in a structured manner which content is required and which content is voluntary to be disclosed. It states whether the information should be qualitative or quantitative, mentions specific metrics and further explains what is meant by governance of the risks management or real and potential risks. all financial institutions regulated by Central bank, no assurance specified, materiality given by selected indicators for risk management, disclosure content specified by normative order n. 153/2021,

Issuer name

Banco Central Do Brasil (BCB)

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Provides for the dissemination of the Social, Environmental and Climate Risks and Opportunities Report (GRSAC Report). effectiveness. "The disclosure requirements will be implemented in two phases: Phase 1, launched in 2021, addresses qualitative aspects related to governance, strategy, and risk management, and Phase 2, scheduled for 2022, will address quantitative aspects like metrics and targets"

Organizations covered by the instrument

Large private and listed companies






South America

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Governments (governmental department, agency)

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