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Resolución GENERAL 606/2012   COMISION NACIONAL DE VALORES (General Resolution 606/2012 Corporate Governance Code.)

Argentina Current 2012

Approves the minimum contents of the Society Governance Code, for companies authorized for public offering of securities, including disclosure requirements. Sets the obligation to declare if the companies keep and maintain a public access webpage in which not only relevant information of the company is disclosed (By-laws, Administration Board Composition, Financial Condition, etc.) but also general inquiries of the users.

Issuer name

Argentina Stock Exchange Commission

More information

Also have to declare if there is a Social and Environmental Balance with an external auditor verification and in such case the geographical and legal coverage, how it can be accessed and if it follows any international guidance.

Organizations covered by the instrument

Large private and listed companies

Industry scope

All/none specified






South America

Date of publication


Issuer type

Governments (governmental department, agency)

Reporting requirements

Codes, guidance, and questionnaires

Mandatory or voluntary


The geographical scope


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