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Resolution of Council of Ministers no. 18/2014, March, 7 on adopting measures to promote equal pay for women and men

Portugal Current 2014

This Resolution aims to intensify specific measures that may counteract the historical trend of penalizing salary inequality for women regarding the achievement of effective gender equality.

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Council of Ministers

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Specifically it seeks to 1. raise awareness on a national level on statistical reports on wage gaps 2. companies in the corporate sector, need to disclose every three years internally and on their website, the remuneration difference between men and women and an explanation for unjustified differences in these remuneration policies 3. recommended for private companies with more than 25 employees to draw up a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the gender pay gap from the data in Annex A to the Single Report referred to in Article 2 (1). of Ordinance no. 55/2010

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