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Securities and Exchange Commission Guidance Regarding Disclosure Related to Climate Change

United States of America Current 2010

The Securities and Exchange Commission published this tool to provide guidance to public companies regarding the Commission’s existing disclosure requirements as they apply to climate change matters.

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Securities and Exchange Commission

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The guidance highlights the following areas as examples of where climate change may trigger disclosure requirements: 1) Impact of Legislation and Regulation: When assessing potential disclosure obligations, a company should consider whether the impact of certain existing laws and regulations regarding climate change is material. 2) Impact of International Accords: A company should consider, and disclose when material, the risks or effects on its business of international accords and treaties relating to climate change. 3)Indirect Consequences of Regulation or Business Trends: Legal, technological, political and scientific developments regarding climate change may create new opportunities or risks for companies. 4) Physical Impacts of Climate Change: Companies should also evaluate for disclosure purposes the actual and potential material impacts of environmental matters on their business.

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