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Shareholders Rights Directive (EU) 2018/828

EU Current 2017

The directive stipulates that more transparency is needed by multi-nationals. At the same time, it encourages listed companies within EU member states to strengthen the rights of shareholders while also helping those shareholders to focus on sustainability, and therefore make long-term orientated decisions.

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The objective here is to increase shareholder engagement so their decisions are more aligned with the company’s development rather than with short-term share price movements. There are several stipulations (see below) where disclosures of non financial information is required for complying with the directive. Updated 3/4/2017 1. Member States shall ensure that institutional investors and asset managers develop a policy on shareholder engagement (“engagement policy”) This engagement policy shall determine how institutional investors and asset managers conduct all of the following actions: (disclaimer, lists more actions)(b) to monitor investee companies, including on their non-financial performance. 2. Where an asset manager invests on behalf of an institutional investor, either on a discretionary client-by-client basis or through a collective investment undertaking, the institutional investor shall annually disclose to the public the main elements of the arrangement with the asset manager with regard to the following issues: (disclaimer, lists more issues)(b) whether and to what extent it incentivises the asset manager to make investment decisions based on medium to long-term company performance, including non-financial performance, and to engage with companies as a means of improving company performance to deliver investment returns. 3. Member States shall ensure that asset managers disclose to the institutional investor on a half-yearly basis all of the following information: (disclaimer, lists more info) (a) whether or not, and if so how, they make investment decisions on the basis of judgements about medium-to long-term performance of the investee company, including non-financial performance;

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Organizations covered by the instrument

Large private and listed companies

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regulate on the listed companie, nstitutional investors, asset managers, intermediaries and proxy advisorss to create a more transparant and engagine rules for their sharolders

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Remuneration, Stakeholder Engagement, Accountability, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Competitive Behaviour







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International/regional (EU)

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