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The Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act

Canada Current 2014

The Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act requires that companies involved in the commercial development of oil, gas and minerals publicly disclose payments that they make to foreign and domestic government entities.

Issuer name

Natural Resources Canada

Government ministry


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The purpose of this Act is to fight against corruption through the implementation of measures applicable to the extractive sector, including measures that enhance transparency and measures that impose reporting obligations with respect to payments made by entities. Third-party assurance: "The report is to include an attestation made by a director or officer of the entity, or an independent auditor or accountant, that the information in the report is true, accurate and complete."

Organizations covered by the instrument

Large private and listed companies

Target organization notes

Applies to the extractive sector

Disclosure venue

Data disclosure

ESG coverage- G (Governance)

Accountability, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Competitive Behaviour






North America

Date of publication


Issuer type

Governments (governmental department, agency)

Reporting requirements

Public law and regulation

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