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The First Framework Plan for Response to Climate Change

South Korea Current 2016

South Korea created a "master plan" of sorts that will result in nearly 18 ministries in South Korea to be compliant or need restructuring in its move towards a carbon neutral government.

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Ministry of Environment

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Korea formulated five versions of the “Comprehensive Plan on Climate Change Adaptation” starting in 1999. The first (1999-2001) and second (2002-2005) comprehensive plans only covered climate change mitigation, but the third (2005-2007) comprehensive plan began to include climate change adaptation, and the fourth 2009-2030. Enforced in April 2010, the “Framework Act on Low Carbon, Green Growth” prescribed government responsibilities to formulate a national adaptation plan, and accordingly, the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (2011-2015) was established as Korea’s first legally prescribed adaptation policy in October 2010 through joint efforts by 13 associated government ministries under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment. This plan takes on the characteristics of a master plan; a detailed implementation plan will be formulated for each government ministry based on this plan and wide-area local governments will formulate their own detailed implementation plans that account for regional characteristics. The plan will also be formulated in a five-year rolling plan format in order to ensure flexible response to variations in climate change phenomena and to reflect advancements in climate change monitoring and prediction technologies. The plan contains 87 tasks across the 10 sectors of health, disasters, agriculture, forestry, marine and fishing industries, water management, ecosystems, climate change monitoring and prediction, adaptation industries and energy, education and promotion, and international cooperation. It involves monitoring the climate environment on a yearly basis, carrying out implementation evaluations, and reflecting the results in the plan for the following year.

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